“This turned out so amazingly well. Bill Asher did the work. He fit the DeArmond 1100 to the neck and then cut a slot in the finger rest to rest the tab in and made adjusting the position of the pickup easy and secure. The sound is absolutely perfect. It’s clean and full. Already the natural sound of this guitar is unbelievable versatile. The pick up is just icing, but perfect icing.

“I don’t know if you ever doubt yourself, most creative people do – don’t. You have a very definite gift. You are the channel to this world for your gifts. Never doubt. I am supremely happy to have this guitar. Thank you.”

Best always,
Christopher Pitney

“The Nezil guitar I bought (model AA1 serial #10) is a very fine piece. It has first and foremost outstanding playability and sound. Of course it is beautiful as well. It is hard to buy a guitar off the Internet without actually seeing or playing, and I have bought and returned many. However, this one was calling my name and I bought it. It is a keeper. Thanks to Andy for a thing of beauty to lighten my days.”

Bruce Stauffer

“….your acoustic archtop is, as far as I’m concerned, the best I’ve played. The ergonomics, the tone, the volume, the touch sensitivity, the balance, and the aesthetics are all world class in my opinion. You are an extremely talented individual. …having a guitar that can hold its own so well acoustically is a rare thing in my humble opinion.”

Jonathan Dallison, Victoria BC

Hi Andy,
I’ve had this guitar for about five years. In that time I’ve had other archtops, they’ve come and they’ve gone. I’ve never considered denuding myself of yours. It is always inviting to play, light, responsive, it’s like a comfortable friend. I just put LaBella black tape wound strings on and it now plays at an even finer level. I heartily recommended them.
Anyway I hope you’re still building guitars, as you improve the world by doing so.
Best regards,
Christopher Pitney