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2022 Seven String

this guitar is currently available at Rufus Guitars, 2621 Alma St. Vancouver
Currently available at Rufus Guitars, 2621 Alma St. Vancouver, B.C.


Nezil Archtpo with Dearmond
Nezil AA1 with the Rhythm Chief and finger rest installed by Bill Asher
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demo 2

Robert Young playing guitar currently for sale at

Nezil Guitars demo #1

hi all, here’s a sample recording of hometown hero Robert Young playing my latest instrument.

Features: removable pickup/pick guard assembly ; Hipshot 18 to 1 gear ratio, open backed tuners ; D’Aquisto-concept sliding wedge adjustable bridge ; smaller suspended tailpiece in ebony, cocobolo and bone

recorded in my living room in Victoria, B.C.

Thanks to Tempo Trend Music in Victoria for kindly letting me borrow the Hendrickson “Jazz” amp for this demo.

all tone equalizer controls on amp are set at “flat” output and volume is set low enough to allow the acoustic sound of the guitar to be heard clearly. Strings are D’Addario flat wound 13-56s.